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Professional Services


   Property Valuation

   Know the right price of your property to sell it faster.
  • Get an educated opinion on the value of your property.
  • Price this based on comparable sales and local market knowledge.
  • A property valuation allows a large degree of comfort due to its legal nature.



   Vasthu Services

   Expert guidance on all property related issues from expert Vasthu consultants.



   Property purchase agreement - prepared by an experienced Advocate

  • Get your property Sale Agreement drafted by specialized lawyers and protect yourself from legal issues and/or claims later.
  • Submit your details online and draft agreement print copy will reach your residence.
  • Delivered by our experienced Legal consultants within 1 working day.



   Legal Opinion of Property Title

  • Get your property documents duly verified / reviewed by property lawyers.
  • An attorney will give you certificate about the Title of Property after review of property records.


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