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Purchasing a Housing Property


A house has got an emotional attachment associated with it. So, plan it carefully and wisely.


Procedure to plan buying a housing property

In general, house is the single biggest investment in anyone's life. So, plan carefully before investing in it.

  • Do enough research before buying a housing property.
  • Enquire about the location and future prospects of the property.
  • Transportation: Look for nearest public transportation like bus station, Metro connectivity etc. as applicable to your city
  • Future potential for appreciation.
  • Safety & Security of the neighborhood or locality
  • Visit the nearest police station to find out the crime rate in the locality where the property is situated.
  • Work out the home financing


Verify the Paperwork:

  • Hire an experienced advocate practicing Indian Property Law and show him all the paper work obtained from the seller or builder or agent.
  • Property Laws are quite different for each state in the country. So, try to hire an advocate practicing in that city where property is located.
  • Make sure you got all the paper work and verify its encumbrances - if it is mortgaged to any bank or financial institutions etc.
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